So, the last few weeks without the family has been revealing. It has made me realize that I really have no friends here in Alaska. I'm sure those of you who think that I am an asshole won't be surprised.  I have people who I am friendly with but I don't have any really close buddies here  Bill: don't get BH.  Ever since Jesse left for law school at Spokane I don't have anyone to do the things I like.  And now that I have sold the boat and Rhino, I am concerned about how to fill 'my' time (i.e the time that I have just for me).  When I really think about, the one person who has always been there in the last fifteen years is Jeremy.  It doesn't matter what it is...and especially money, Jeremy has always been there.  But he lives in California.  I know J is unhappy here.  It just strikes me as odd: when we lived in California, we always had the best dinners.  The best parties.  Even back in law school, I would have people over for Sunday dinner.  My house has always just been the place to be.  Now there is just crickets at this house.  Things are even worse for J: she has no friends here.  No family.  No escape from raising kids.  Ever.  Here it is a beautiful Sunday and, if my life depended on it, I couldn't go do something with a single person.  I have my family, work and have enough hobbies to stay busy.  That is not the point of this post.  Alaska is hard place to be if you don't have people to do things with.  I realize that I just made this blog public again but I am making it private again, effective almost immediately.  Those who want to see why, and keep up, can send me an email at  Those who are already invited don't need to do so again.    


josh said…
I think what we are all wondering is what is "BH." Butt hurt?
Yes, it is, Josh. Least I know where I stand. I think that I was seeing Garrison Keillor on Sunday. Not Ben's idea of a good time.

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