So,  the family is still stuck in Europe.  I still have no idea when they will be home.  Kadee was supposed to start school today but that didn't happen of course.  The Embasssy says they have issued the visa and given it to the courier for delivery but the courier says they haven't been called.  What a joke.  I hope to have some answers very soon.  In other news, the Defense Rests is gone.  Makes me sad how much money I lost on her but it is for the best.  I have been organizing, cleaning and repairing all my outdoor gear and putting it away for another long, long winter.  Fall will be here any day.  The weather has turned rainy, which is common in Alaska in August.  I'm annoyed because once again my garden has turned into a giant slug fest.  I am either going to do something totally different or just bag the garden next year....the amount of energy and money for the food is NOT worth it.  I know many people do it, but I can't seem to grow a decent garden in Alaska.  Of course I will have much more time next summer now that my Rhino AND boat are gone.  All that matters is getting the debt down, down, down.  I think this country is going to go under and it scares the crap out of me.  I will say this: there is ONE politician out there who really, really speaks to me.  Enough that if were legal, I would give him money.  I have NEVER given any politician money.  Check out out  He is the only politician running that doesn't make my skin crawl.  I feel very strongly that Gary, or someone like him, is the only hope this country has.  But I'm sure it will be business as usual and my children will be serfs to billionaires, as most modern Republicans seem to want.  But one person at a time, I am telling people about Gary.  As Gary says, "when you pass a law you take a bite out of freedom".  Wow!  And he just seems like a decent fellow.  Please, please check him out.


If there's a difference between this guy and any other libertarian candidate, I'm not seeing it.
You say that like it is a bad thing. He just seems to me to be a decent human being. And a libertarian president would be amazing.
No, but it mystifies me why one wouldn't support libertarian in past elections, and then, suddenly support this guy today. Is is pure force of personality?
Do you mean me? I haven't supported those persons in the past because they haven't spoken to me. Besides this country is on the edge of disaster. ONLY a Dr. Paul or a Gary Johnons can save her now. The Democrats do NOTHING. And the Republicans are a bunch of mean spirited bullies.

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