So, the vacation continues. We have added a halibut trip and a gold panning/camping trip to the list of things accomplished. Things were delayed by me getting the worst ear infection of my life.  A Z pack fixed me right up.  We've had a lot of fun this first week and have a few things left to do.  Yesterday we went up Palmer Creek Road but it was pointed out to me that that valley is full of mining tailings.  Not a lot of gold left.  We did have good luck halibut fishing but I missed the gaff of a fish that was every bit of 80 lbs.  Agh.  I hurt my my hand goofing off with the black bear last week and I just slipped.  What made it worse was that I took the gaff from G so that he didn't miss.  I'm amazed at how much we have packed into a week.  J and the girls will be home from England next week and I am looking forward to seeing them.  Time to settle in and watch a little Lord of the Rings....vacationing can be tiring! 


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