So the best I can say is that I am learning some things. I don't know if it is me or what but things just don't seem the same. Normally I rely on a busy summer to charge my batteries for 8 months of winter. But this year that doesn't seem to be happening. Yes, I have had the chance to get out. Normally the interns spend a large part of the summer with me and that doesn't seem to be happening this year. But I've learned a few things so far this summer. Like my boat has a 'reset' button for the electrical system. We went out to Kenai lake yesterday and I could NOT get my boat started. It was just dead. So we used the kicker. A nice, slow trip. When we were just about back I remembered the button. Vroom.  On both trips so far there have been problems with it..nothing major but enough to make me curse.  I have been reminded how deadly Tustumena Lake can be. Those of you who read this blog know that is probably my favorite place on Earth. I was out there last Saturday when two people were killed from water that was reported to have been 9 foot waves!   This picture was taken the same day.    That lake can whip so fast it will kill you. If I die on it, I want my ashes spread there. I have learned to carefully check wire. Frost heave took out the power supply to my butcher shop. So I had to dig up the wire. For weeks I have been digging with a pick. The wire is a few feet down so I would dig a few feet every day. Tonight I had had enough...I was just going to rent equipment. By a fluke I was over by the shop and noticed the break. It was about 2 feet from the building. So I spent hours of digging that killed my back for nothing. And I have a lot to do around here. The house renovations are about 80% done but there is still a lot of work to do. Summer is rapidly approaching the halfway mark. The chickens are overdue for the freezer. The garden, greenouse and potato patch are in full swing. The hogs are growing well. Next years firewood is cut, split and stacked. The house renovations are coming along. Yet everything just seems a little bland to me. When the things that normally bring you joy don't anymore, what do you do? I did go back to the spot that is the closest I have ever gotten to being killed. I had a drink of ice cold Crown Royal and celebrated being alive. That was a good start. A new week starts tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this week.


Save up your energy, cunt, for the gold rush happening on the 23rd! I expect some fucking enthusiasm outta you!

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