So, of all the places I have seen in Alaska, Prince William sound is the most beautiful so far. I went fishing and black bear hunting for three days out of Whittier. We caught shrimp as long as my hand.
I caught my first yellow eye.  I didn't get to shoot a black bear but I did get to stalk one.  Just the stalk was amazing.  I was lowered off the boat and rowed to shore.  I crept along the beach edge.  The bear caught sight or sound of us and left but it was an amazing experience just to hunt it.  I saw porpoises, humpback whales, otters with their babies, bioluminescence, bald eagles and black bears.  We caught rockfish and halibut.  I hung out with a few new folks, drank a bunch of beer and Crown Royal on glacier ice and just enjoyed life.  I remember thinking how short life is.  When I got back into cell phone range I had a message.  My best friend Jeremy's brother Darren died yesterday.  He wasn't much older than me and kids around the age of mine.  He was doing something at home and fell off a ladder.  Lights out.  I didn't know Darren that well but I hurt for my friend.  I  need to do a better job of extracting more out of every day.  Seems like a strange thing to say after an experience like this but it reminded me that every moment must be wrung dry.    


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