So, my crazy busy life continues.  I am trying to do it all at once and discovering new problems along the way.  But you know what?  Stuff's getting better.  Stuff's getting better every day.  I was just thinking how THIS year I had less stuff that broke in April.  Yes, there was some.  I got my boat back yesterday after two months in the shop.  The new motor (knock on wood here) seems to kick ass.  I am lining the engine compartment with a lead lining to deaden some of the noise and am excited by the whole thing.  Think it is time to go to Tustumena Lake for Memorial Day.  Test this sum bitch out.  As for the rest of my life, the house remodeling is 3/4 done.  Half the garden is in.  The greenhouse is up and filling.  The chickens and hogs are growing.  Almost two years of firewood has been cut, split and stacked (now THAT has been a lot of work).  I have fixed some electrical issues.  Sigh.  Along the way I discovered that frost heave took out the power to the butcher shop.  The line is 4 feet down x 100 feet.  Where, oh where, is the break?  I will wait til Gabe comes up the summer to dig it up.  Kidding G.  That is a potentially HUGE job I didn't budget time for.  I do a little each night, because to be honest, my lower back starts to hurt with a lot of jobs so I have to switch.  I try and spend time with the girls of course too but not as much as I would like.  Within a month the house should be done and the yard cleaned up. With any luck it will be a warm, dry summer and I can relax soon.  But for now, I am putting in long, long days.  It is as bright as day until 11 p.m. and I feel guilty when I stop work.  But stuff is getting better.  Stuff's getting better every day....of course I am broke again....but to be honest I am pretty happy.  I like being this busy.



Ben: "Hey gabe, we should go gold mining right next to my house. I heard there's a whole bunch of gold about four feet down."

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