So, I'm crazy busy. Yes, yes I know I keep saying it but it is true.  I have now renovated 2/3 of the house, basically from the subfloor up.  The biggest rooms still need to be done.  What makes me so busy is that I am preparing for two completely different options in my life.  They are as different as night and day.  Besides remodeling, I got our new hogs, over 50 chickens and turkeys and have started seeds for the garden.  I have started to to plant potatoes, cut, split and stack next years's wood as well as work full time, be a dad to three, a husband to one, work 3-4 hours a day with home renovations, finish a screenplay, housesit for a neighbor and prepare for my future.  I am going to continue to be cagey about what that means, because I'm not sure if I will ever make this blog public again.  I know there are only a handful of you reading it but to be honest I like that.  If the major changes that I expect actually materialize, I will make it public long enough to tell folks what is going on.  Summer is officially here in my books: May is a summer month in Alaska.  That means time to start fishing.  Next week I head over to Prince William Sound to do three days of shrimping, fishing and black bear hunting on the Miss Michelle.  I spent a big part of my day working on my boat, which should be ready next weekend.  It may sound like I am bitching but those of you who are reading know how much I like being busy and how much energy I have.  So all is well.   


Sarah said…
Ben, your house looks amazing! Wow!! I am impressed. Thanks for adding me. I am glad things seem to be working out better lately. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I quit my job and left Alaska without a new job lined up, scared to death... and it all worked out perfectly.

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