So, the first ever all Adams camping trip.  I got the girls on some unnamed little lake out in the Kenai Wildlife Refuge.  We only stayed one overnight but it was a good start (and it was damned cold last night anyways).  We went canoeing and ate smores and enjoyed a fire.  Kadee was excited to do a little fishing and everyone had a great time.  I hope that this camping trip is the first of many.  I bought a new "instant" tent that is worth the money, let me tell you.  It has the poles attached so you just push it up.  Slick.  I bought the girls one of those giant sleeping bags and they really seemed to enjoy themselves  We camped in a beautiful little grove of birch trees that are showing the first sign of green.
Very exciting for an Alaskan let me tell you.  The boat is ready and is being tested tomorrow.  The interns should all be here soon and we'll see how this crop turns out.  Should be a good summer.   


Jennifer S said…
Glad you had a good time Ben! I hope you guys didn't get too cold. The smiles on the girls faces are just adorable!
I'm so glad you got J and the girls out of the house for the trip. I agree, I hope they come out with you more often!

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