So, I did something that I have never done before: I made this blog private.  I expect it is temporary, so I won't go into the reasons why.  Besides Google cache seems to get around the private blog (?)  I hope I am writing only to myself right now.  Life goes on.  I got the usual assortment of chicks, like I do at the beginning of every April.  I am remodeling the entire house, one room at a time.  One way or the other this house has to go.  It is just way too small.  I am very, very busy right now.  Big changes are coming to my life: huge.  The house looks like a bomb went off, as stuff is out of the master bedroom and scattered everywhere.  As usual, everything costs more than expected.  Bill has been a huge help and the house, while it looks crazy, is going to be a lot nicer.  I almost wish I had take a 'before' picture of the master bedroom but I would have been too embarrassed to post it.  Even though this is private right now, I can't really write about what is going on in my life.  Something has changed in me.  I'm considering options and possibilities that I never thought even remotely possible.  Kadee turns 5 in a few days (!!) and I can't wait to see where the next 5 years takes this family.  It'll be interesting to see when, and if, I can make this blog public again.  

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josh said…
I just had to sign into my google account . . . .
Because you are an authorized user. I have 5 or 6.
operator101 said…
It's like a little bit of crazy Canadian mixed with fascist Kenai.

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