So, I am crazy busy.  And it is still winter.  It is almost May and it is still winter I say...see above.  I got the master bedroom done, except for the new furniture and accessories.  As you can see above, the house is total chaos.  We are going room by room, re-doing each one.  Nothing "major" but paint, flooring, trim and accessories adds up!  I just couldn't live in the chaos and crap anymore.  The house was dirty, outdated and crowded.  So we are tossing truck loads of stuff and re-doing every single room.  I love the '80's but '80's carpet, for example, is indescribeably gross.  This is the first time I have sat down in days.  But the master bedroom looks great.  I have a good reason for doing this now, despite the work and cost.  In the next few weeks I will either say why or I will not...but in any event my house will look a lot better.  Again, I haven't taken a lot of embarrasing 'before' pics, but those who have been know how bad it was. Anyways, I am doing the master bathroom tonight and need to get back to it.  When I'm done I'll take a short video or something....not very exciting stuff I know but it is what is consuming my life right now.


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