So, happy birthday AJ!  Three years today.  Wow.  To celebrate you got to go on an Easter egg hunt.  You jumped on a trampoline and made me laugh harder than I have in years.  We capped it off with Easter Sunday dinner and your gifts.  You smiled and laughed all day.  God I love you.  Yes.  I am sometimes frustrated with having young kids.  The mess.  The expense.  The work.  But days like today make me glad.  You really are amazing.  Beautiful.  Stubborn.  Smart.  Easy to laugh.  Even when you are being defiant you make me laugh.  You deserve more than I can give you.  I can't wait to watch you grow up....even though I think of all my kids, you will cause me the most heartache.  You are already generous, funny and just darned cool.  Happy birthday my sweet.       


Happy Birthday, AJ! And Happy Easter, Adams!

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