So, March 10. -4 when I went to work today. I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. I'm tired of fighting the cold. I'm tired of being broke and living in a crappy little house. Everyone in the place is sick, and I'm sure that isn't helping my mood much. Never, ever, ever move to Alaska unless you have the money to escape to someplace warm and green for a few weeks a year. To stay busy I re-did Kadee's room. We painted and put in some nice flooring and got her matching furniture. Those of you who have been in my house know this is now the nicest room in the place. I mean matching furniture. Since she starts school soon, and the State decided NOT to appeal the PFD decision, we used some of her PFD money to do it. It's pretty slick. I did get to do one of my favorite rituals today: I shoveled the snow off the boat. The boat is, of course, broken. Soon things will start thawing and the yearly ritual of repair will begin. I've had enough. I've been cooped up for 5 months. I'm sick of the goddamned snow. I have made choices that have lead me to this place in life and now I regret many of them.


Anonymous said…
Planning on moving out? That'd be particularly ironic after receiving your first PFD check.
No. I didn't say that. But I can't wait for summer.
Anonymous said…
I thought you were going to save the girls' PFD money for their college funds?
Anonymous said…
boo hoo its cold. your salary in alaska exceeds the increased cost of living. move to arkansas where its warm and you can make 45k living a boring life. you can even hunt wild pigs instead of caribou/moose/bear/etc
She won't get to college without space. College is the goal. Arkansas...I don't have to explain myself to you.
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