So, I'll tell you how I spent my winter. The never ending winter by the way (-8 when I went to work today). I wrote a screenplay. Well, Jeremy and I wrote a screenplay. It is called "The First Airborne" and is a World War One movie. We have written the first draft and are working on the first re-write. We had to both learn about World War One as well as how to write a screenplay. Granted, there is still plenty to learn. But we think we have a pretty good story and are making it better all the time. I have always enjoyed writing so it seemed like a natural thing to do. I don't know what the result will be. I don't know that it will ever have commercial value. But we are learning the craft and have several other movie ideas that we will work on when we get this one as good as we can. I have put several hundred hours in on this story already. It has kept me busy all winter and who knows? It might lead to something lucrative. Spec screenplays do sell. And they often sell for enough money to change one's life. So we'll see. When we get the second draft done, I'll post a link so you folks can read it and see what you think. Lights, camera, action!


jLow said…
Very cool.
Anonymous said…
if you would have spent hundreds of hours at a part time job, maybe you'd quit wining about having no money.
Anon you are a moron for at least five reasons. I'll list two because you won't get the rest. First, if I was 'wining' about money I wouldn't have to 'whine' about money. Second, doing the screenplay is about money. Oh hell, here's three. This is my blog: I can whine, bitch, moan and cry all I want. Don't like it? F off.
Marc said…

Gotta laugh at those folks, they are hurting, and add zero value to their environment. You keep at it and don't like any dipshit tell you differently; not that I think you would. Rejoice over the fact you run against the grain, it's not easy and certainly can bring out doubt, anger, and the like, yet those that delve into the rough waters are much better off than those so complimentary to their landscape.


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