So, I can't say it's solved my mood entirely, but the hallway is done. Just waiting for summer......I did the paint. Put in a new (and working) smoke alarm and light fixture. Bill and I did laminate flooring and trim. All in all maybe $250. It's made me like this house about 100 times more. There's a ton of work left to do but it's necessary. This house is just too small for us anymore. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. It's a great time to buy but the money isn't there. Maybe we should stick it out? Either way, the work needs doing. Anyways, absolutely nothing exciting is happening here for us. I'm fixing the boat this week. Perhaps a spring bear hunt if I can get a few guys together? I just thought I'd show the finished hall for those of you who have been in this house. Better huh?


jLow said…
Looks fantastic . . . YAY you!
Anonymous said…
Yay! It looks great!

Thanks guys. The master bedroom is next. By the time that is done, it should be cleared up outside. Snowing like hell right now.
Anonymous said…
"snowing like hell" - how elloquently written, cant wait to read the screenplay...hopefully the metaphor's will be just as good!
Anon: sigh. It is just so hard to take you seriously. First, anonymous? Really? Man up son. You got a problem with me, man up. Second, it is hard to take (prospective) literary criticism from a person who can't spell or apparently know the difference between they're, there and their (i.e. metaphor's (sic)). Finally, screenplays don't really contain metaphors. Actually wait a minute...why am I wasting my time on you. Go get an education. Then come back little man.

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