So, thank God it is a long weekend. I got a phone call today that might change our lives. It's time to seek counsel. So I'm going to Bainbridge Island in Washington to see my buddy Jeremy. That's all I can say.


Justin T. said…
How very coincidental that you are making a legally binding life changing decision with your friend "Jeremy" in Washington at the same time as this happened:

kidding, good luck man, whatevers goin on.
I wish it was just that simple. Alas, no. I'm sure we'll talk about it.
Anonymous said…
Rack 'em. Macomas would be disappointed, to say the least.
tiny tim said…
Wow! Your friend Justin found that article shockingly fast. It was funny though.
Good luck, dude!
Marc Theiler said…
Ben, just heard. We support the hell out of ya. You keep fighting the good fight. You can't stop the cowards from doing the only aspect of their job they are actually good at, which is suppress and oppress freedom and liberty. Even the side you work for, vehemently loathes people like yourself, because you actually stand up for yourself and the right things. They want someone that won't so much as tilt the boat in any direction because then they may have to display some guts and support you and your actions. The state is the state is the state. Unaccountable, uncreative, neutered bureaucrats; the entire lot. They will never change and the good men and women that fight the good fight will continually be told they are the ones who are in the wrong. It's just the way it is. Only those of us that truly, authentically live and breathe the concept of liberty understand the plight of others like us. Much respect, bro.

Marc Theiler
Marc Theiler said…
Justin T,

hahah good one. Maybe that's it.

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