So winter time is for sleeping in Alaska. Life continues here. The girls are excited about Christmas. They will have a good one. I have been re-finishing a toy box for them. Their English family has sent an absurd amount of stuff. As far as I'm concerned, a nice beef dinner (rare in this house) is all we need. That's good too. We had a few bucks set aside for Christmas but the washer went out this week. And that's ok. We went and got a good Alaska scrub spruce for our tree. The house is warm. The kids are excited. I expect the next months to be quiet. One bit of excitement: on December 15 at 1:30 I am arguing the kids PFD case. I am hoping to pack the courtroom.....most people who hear my argument agree with it and are looking forward to seeing it. Pretty basic: a US citizen is a US citizen, right?


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