So, I haven't been writing much. I am at a strange place in life. It is a mixure of being bored and overwhelmed at the same time. I am bored because I don't really have anyone here to do the things that I want to do things with. The one chance I had to get out (I would have been in Kodiak hunting deer right now), I could not do because I had Mr. Eacker's motion for a new trial this past week. A decision has not been made. I love doing things with the kids but it is not the same. And I am really struggling with the new family dynamic. I don't always know what to do with the kids "new" dependence on me. There are times that I just need a break. I guess that makes me a bastard. I don't know how people do it all day, every day. But otherwise life is quiet...maybe too quiet. I want to do things this winter but am not sure what to do or who to do them with. And by things, I mean things that are hard to do with a 4 year, a 2 year old and a month old. Alaska things. I like being at home but I like getting out and doing things too. I guess I may have to give those things up. I find myself frustrated and short tempered these days more than I would like. I know that everyone reacts differently, but for me, this is difficult. I will try and find something 'exciting' to write about somehow.


Anonymous said…
came across your blog by accident recently,what is your problem?you have a wife and children what more can you are the luckiest guy i can think of,i wish i had what you have.think of others for a change.
Ken said…
I really don't do much with friends anymore either, what with three of my own ---> 4, 7 and 9 years old. You adjust and do the things they like, but also introduce them to the things you like, etc. They take over your life, but you will see as they age into unique little human beings that your time with them is short, but yet the best time you spend in your life. After all it is the relationships you have first, your experiences second, and all else (e.g. things)thereafter.
Ken I remember how hard it was to get you out. I didn't understand it. For me, I think that one or two kids is manageable. But the third one changes everything. Obviously I like spending time with them. But I am finding that I miss being active doing other things too. I'm sure this will pass.

Anon: I am not going to think about you. I don't know you. Sometimes I bitch. Sometimes I revel. If you don't like it, the solution is to stop reading. Simple eh?
Anonymous said…
you should come up to kotz for a weekend and bag 10 caribou - trip would pay for itself in food...i have all equipment and it would only be 3-4 days away from the fam.
Anonymous said…
Its a season, brother.....everything changes.....everything must. In the long run you will be grateful for this time in your life.

Priest Raphael
Anonymous said…
My dad took us camping, backpacking, etc. There's a photo of me wearing a backpack and hiking boots when I was about 6 years old. I did the same with my kids. If you love the outdoors, just learn to do it with kids and raise them to love it as much as you do.
By the way that is not chapped lips but lipstick applied unevenly.

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