So, Gold Rush: Alaska on Discovery Channel. I love it. Yes, yes there are many haters out there. People who say they aren't "Alaskans". True. People who say they are chewing up the land. True. People who say they are excessively jumpy about bears. Yup. But as G said, this is a 'Ben Adams" operation. Lets look at the facts. Alaska! Check. Excessively armed. Yup. Overuse of the "F" word. You bet. Running machinery to the full hilt when you don't really know what you are doing. Ahem. Constantly worrying about money. Geez. As I said, I love it. Oh I know it isn't really "reality". But as Jack Hoffman said "There isn’t one man in America, if he’s got anything inside him, who wouldn’t want to be here with us". You're goddamned right Jack. It looks awesome. I admire you all.

9:33 Alaska time. The lunar exclipse starts now. The Solstice is tomorrow. As is custom may I just say: tilt, bitch, tilt. I've made it through another winter! Shush. I said, I 've made it through another winter!


Anonymous said…
Uh, winter STARTS today. You won't "have made it" until March.
Anonymous said…
lol and what is a "lunar exclipse" man I sure hope you never defend me hahaha.
Anonymous said…
That first Anonymous must not be an Alaskan. Winter starts for whom? Our winter is October - April.
First, I KNOW I haven't made it. Geez. Good God it was -12 this morning when I went to work. Anon #2. We share the joy that I never have to represent you. You strike me as a giant pain in the ass. Anon #3. Sigh. Yes. April. Thanks for reminding me.

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