So, those of you who know me would be shaking your heads right now. Even for me this is bad. For those of you who don't know, I have the worst luck in the world with anything 'mechanical'. Even when the stuff is new. I have had mechanics shake their head and say 'I have never seen that'. Or "I didn't think that was possible". And those of you who know me, know it is just bad luck. It isn't me being too hard on stuff. Just using it. Or not. For example, a .22 bolt action (I mean bolt action for God's sake) rifle that worked fine when I put it on the hooks is now refusing to load or shoot. The oil pump on the chainsaw went out and the mechanic said "even with the big impact he couldn't get it off" as he shook his head. He hadn't seen that before. I sure couldn't get it either. The boat, well don't get me started. A brand new fuel pump was faulty. It burned through valves, lifters and a cam shaft. Crap. The Rhino needs servicing. I went to start up the snow machine tonight and the gas cable came off. It was fine when I stored it. It just came off when I touched it. It goes on and on. Oh I try to fix stuff. But often I just have it done. I have learned that my fixes are often more expensive. And that is something I can't afford. I can't ever remember being more broke. Seriously. I am going in the hole every month to buy the basics. I can't do this anymore. This streak of bad luck has pushed me over the edge. Borrowing $100 from Bill to buy gas and milk was the final straw. I am going to start by selling stuff. The snowmachine goes tomorrow. I put the little house up for sale on Friday. I am making a big pile. I think what makes it worse is watching everyone with their PFD's...watching people go to Hawaii, buy stuff etc when I am borrowing money for gas. Well. That's it. I'm making some big changes. Now.


Anonymous said…
i enjoy reading your blog.
post what you are selling and i'll buy some.
Anonymous said…
oh poor you join the real world.
Anonymous said…
I rarely agree with your posts but that doesn't mean your not worthy of a kind thought. Wish you well. I think almost everyone goes through a rough patch or two during their lives. God bless you and may your time of need only be for a short while.
Oh good. A mix of comments! I agree: I am joining the real world. It is not hard to make the argument that I have too much stuff. I do. Hell we all do. It might be ok if I had better luck with stuff. But since I don't there is only one solution: get rid of it.
Anonymous said…
I used to have a complete armed forces: two boats, an airplane, a travel trailer (mobile command center), a jeep, a truck, another car....I counted up my tires and engines one time - eye opening! Thereafter, I liquidated. I sold all my toys and other assets that cost but do not produce. Overall, I am much happier. I used to think how I had to 'use' all the toys to justify the expenditure...that was stressful in and of itself.
When I lived in Alaska, you urged me to get toys as "you only live once," but I would just smile and nod.
Well you had more stuff than I do by far. And I could do it if it would just stop breaking. I don't think that having a few toys should be out of the question.

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