So, something happened today. Something that is too private to blog about. But something that makes it seem more likely that my family will be leaving the Kenai area. Maybe even Alaska. I won't talk about it. Those of you who know me know how livid I was today. Those of you who know me were just as livid. Instead of talking about it, let me talk about the Kenai/Soldotna area. When I moved here, I thought Alaska would be free. That is what I cared about: being free. I remember it clearly. And in someways it is incredibly free. But on the Kenai Peninsula, the people are insane. They demand cops, ever more cops. It is easy to blame the cops (and I do) but the real problem is with the people in this community. People who don't know how to mind their own business. People who call the cops for every little bullshit thing you can imagine. I don't know these people personally. Everyone I know in this part of Alaska cherishes freedom. But they are out there. Bible thumpers. Busybodies. People who demand the police control the people completely. I have almost had enough. I am a law abiding citizen. I pay my taxes and raise my kids and follow the law. Yet the police feel like a constant presence in our life. I play a game with my kids called "spot the cops". Everywhere we go, there they are. I wish in a way that I could teach my kids to respect the police. But I won't. I will teach them to never, ever talk the police. Do you have a warrant? Am I free to leave? I want a lawyer. Now. If you don't have a warrant, get off my property. Now. No you can't have my name or birth date. DO YOU HAVE A WARRANT? I WANT MY LAWYER! That's about it. The police are a real problem in this community. I have never had any 'crimes' committed against me or my family. But we have been harassed by the police several times. Goes to show. I've about had it. This may be it.....I am seriously thinking about finding a place where the police don't outnumber the People. If I was single and full of piss and vigor I might stay and fight but I don't need my kids raised like this.....this country has gone to shit and there is nowhere left to go.


Marc said…
Ben, just letting you know how much we support you guys! I feel your frustration. I would of been so god damn pissed off I would really have trouble settling down. I hate the state of the Kenai Peninsula so bad I can't even express it. It's a Fascist, police-state, chuck full of bible thumping pussies! Our family is seriously considering not raising a family here because of how bad the policing is on the Peninsula. Our citizens are a bunch of pussies, that will trade their liberty for the illusion of safety. The only thing is, where can you go where this isn't the norm? They are winning because no one, honestly the status quo lacks the balls to fight the good fight.

Anyway, we are pissed for ya bro!

tiny tim said…
I know I'm a little late to the party here, but I've been wondering if Kenai is actually that much worse than the rest of Alaska or the lower 48 in terms of the police. Where in Alaska are the police better? (And this is an honest question from someone who once dreamed of moving to Alaska.)
Anonymous said…
Like the site.

I don't know from Kenai, but yes, the police presence in Alaska has significantly increased over the years. I've been a Palmeranian all my life, except for a few excursions Outside.

However, the Kenai Peninsula is a tourist spot. I defy you to show me a single "touristy" area around the world that does *not* have an overweening police presence. (No, that doesn't make it okay; I speak of "is", not "ought".)

If it's getting that bad, and if you want to remain in Alaska, I'd suggest moving to somewhere in the Mat-Su Valley or Fairbanks. (I admit to heavy bias; I like the Valley.) Outside of the main core area of the Valley, police presence consists largely of the State Troopers, and they mostly don't give a shit. Sutton and Willow are fairly safe bets. I live in the "No Man's Land" between Palmer and Wasilla, and police presence is relatively limited. I don't know if the PD office in Palmer has any use for another defender (though they might; the population is growing), but you might be able to whip up a decent private practice. DUI seems to be the going thing in the Valley.

Much though I tend to dislike transplants from the Lower 48 - they usually piss me off - you seem to be one of the good ones, so here's some words of encouragement: don't give up on Alaska. You've been here for five years or so already; you got over the hard part. If you were looking for a mythical Cockaigne where freedom ran in every river, I'm sorry to say there is no place left to find it. However, freedom's roots do exist here, closer to the surface than elsewhere. Alaska is the most socialist state in the Union (not a debatable point, look at the state Constitution sometime), but the enthusiasm for minding other people's business is *generally*, outside certain areas, limited.

Also, I might suggest the following: when justice and "The Rules" are incompatible, stop following the damned rules. Break them - with panache, and neither frequently nor stupidly, but break them. Alaskans have a major soft spot for a rulebreaker with style. (Look at Ted Stevens.)
Anonymous said…
the police aren't much of a problem in the not talking completely off the grid - but places like barrow, bethel, mcgrath, kotzebue, st paul, etc.
I am calmer now. I agree with all that has been said, especially about not giving up on Alaska.
Randell said…

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