So, I butchered my first DLP moose today. It was unexpected. I was trying to get the place ready for winter when I got a call. What is a DLP moose? That is an animal shot in 'defense of life and/or property". It is perfectly legitimate as long as you say it normally. But try saying it in the voice of Ed McMahon. "Yes! Shot in defense of life and/or property. Yes! You are correct sir!". Seems dodgy now doesn't it? But it was legit. So, I got the boys, and we carved that sum bitch up. Was I planning on other things today to get ready for winter? Yes. But a 800 lb moose cow that was so fatty we had to carve the fat off to get to the meat? Well that is preparing for winter too. The nice thing about a DLP moose, as opposed to road kill, is that there is no vehicle damage. Damn I can butcher up a moose these days. And the boys? Hell yeah. I am proud of them...we are learning together and we make a team that can take an animal down to pieces in nothing flat. Afterwards, I did up dinner and had a huge bonfire. I said 'thank you'. I don't know what you did cow moose to deserve two 12 gauge slugs to the belly. But thank you. Thank you Mr. Farmer for protecting your winter hay by shooting a fat cow and then following the law by calling the Troopers. You will feed my family and others this winter. And let me tell you Outsiders something. A fat cow this time of year is the best eating meat I have ever had. Even with the slugs, we got more than I can say. God bless this place. God bless Alaska. Today was the perfect Alaskan day. Even my kids were involved. And they don't get their PFD's! Anyone need moose meat?


Paigie said…
Yes please! I would love some moose meat!
Justin T. said…
Seriously man, if you do ship any to anybody, let me know and I'll pay for you to ship me a box as well.
Anonymous said…
How is it that you get these road-kill and DLP moose?
In Kenai you can call the Troopers and get the list. It is not purely charity based like it is in other places.

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