So, I am glad I am not Steven Hayes lawyer. Seriously. Rape, torture and murder of a family in a home invasion. The Petit family murders. I may be a defense lawyer but I strongly believe that these two men deserve to die. Quickly. Yes, yes, I know the problems with the death penalty. I know the cops screwed this up too (surprise!) But I do think the ultimate penalty has a place. It pisses me off when a guy who shoots a clerk gets the death penalty. It cheapens it. And no, the argument 'if it was my daughter who was shot' would not change my mind. Prison is a horrific place. And more than suitable for most crimes. Including most murders. But these two.... Well there is a special place for them. It has nothing to do with either specific or general deterrent. It has simply do with removing a cancer from society. What they did was so horrific that they should pay with their lives. And that is why I am glad I am not their lawyer. The lawyers defending Mr. Hayes are doing the highest level of criminal work and I salute them for it. Because I am not sure I could. But when it is said and done and he is strapped down to die, I hope his lawyers don't beat themselves up too much. They did what they could. Burn in hell Mr. Hayes. I would have less remorse shooting you than that hog. And I wouldn't even wait for you to come out of your pen.


Justin T. said…
Just because they were convicted doesn't necessarily mean they're guilty.
mike o'brien said…
I disagree in this specific case, Justin T.

I'm steadfastly against the death penalty, but I have followed this case closely from a defense attorney's perspective and have tried to figure out where there is ANY doubt to argue to a jury. I can't see any. The victims and D's had no prior connection or contact; the D's "tweeted" their excitement regarding the impending crime; Hayes is on video with a victim he'd kidnapped just hours before her death (withdrawing ransom money at a bank); they raped their victims before letting them burn alive; there is DNA evidence establishing their assaults and sex assaults; the D's were caught running out of the victims' home as it bursts into flames; they both admitted the crimes multiple times. If there ever was a case where the death penalty could be administered without doubt, this is it. And if someone sees those facts differently, I'd love to hear it.

Obviously, one can be against the death penalty on principle, which I am. But this isn't a case to be against it because maybe, just maybe, they got the wrong guys.

That said, as Ben mentioned, the CT PDs are doing a great job and are fighting to use some novel strategies in the punishment stage. If the D's are spared the death penalty, that is due to their PDs' tremendous work, even in light of the fact that at least one of the D's has asked to be executed.
Dan said…
They did do horrific things. The death penalty is unconstitutional, in my humble opinion. They don't get the pleasure of being executed. That's my $0.02 worth of opinion.
Justin T. said…
Seriously, I've never understood how the death penalty is somehow more of a punishment than being confined to a room, alone, for the duration of your natural life. No tv, no books, just you and your thoughts until you die or commit suicide. AND it would be cheaper than putting people to death, overall.
I know all the arguments against the death penalty. Hell I have made them! And the way it is often used is absurd. But I have no problem when the worst of the worst go down for the count. There can be no doubt about their guilt. About the nature of their crimes. They are among a very few who have forfeited their right to life. That is my view.

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