So, hog killing day. A freezer full of pork. Skinning hogs is different than most critters, especially as we were trying to save the fat. Takes a little practice. Tomorrow is butchering day. We try to make a day out of it. A bunch of people help, we drink a few beers, listen to music and then afterwards cook up a bunch of ribs or something. It has been raining hard so the pen was mucky but we have a pretty good system. After the hog is shot, I stick it. Then we drag it out and wash it with hot water and soap. Then we skin it, gut it and cut it in half. Both hogs are hanging in the meat locker. We will do the usual cuts as well as make a half dozen types of sausage. It is good time to put them away as J is getting pretty big and it was awkward for her to feed them when I am not here. Well it is done. Killing hogs is not a job I enjoy but I was as humane as I could be in life and in death. Thank you pigs. Thank you for helping me live my life. Thank you for your sacrifice that feeds my family. Thank you for helping to build my daughters.


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