So, for the first time in a long time, I have nothing to write about. Winter (i.e snow) is not here yet. Neither is Sasha. I have settled into fall. I am not having 'adventures'. The boat is in the shop. And everything I am doing is routine: work, gathering wood, family time, work around the house..that sort of thing. I don't even feel like ranting. What good does it do anyways? Even in Alaska the People are on the slow march to tyranny. I guess I am just writing to say that it is slow right now. I know it won't stay that way for long. After delay, it looks like the business plan that I hatched with my buddy Jeremy may be a go. Maybe I will even get to see him again...I have no buddies here (Bill don't get butt know what I like to run marathons and drink diet coke...I like to drink something in my coke and I definitely don't run for miles).
For example, I managed to take this picture as I tried to hand a new co-worker a gun for the first time. I learned she does not like guns. Don't get me wrong. I think she is great. But I need to drink Canadian Mist and shoot zombies in the face and drive the Rhino and pop rounds off with someone. Sigh. J is ready to pop. I think that having the third kid is about a big deal as having the first one..they outnumber us now. Big decisions need to be made in my life. Very big. So I guess a post about 'nothing' might not too be bad...I suspect I will look back on this fondly very soon.


Justin T. said…
Dude I am TRYING to get back to Alaska to do all that crap with you. Tell the folks in the PDs office to get on top of their shit and hire me already. Or at least tell them to let me know if they're not interested. Not hearing anything is the worst.

Also, I propose that you name your new child Steven Seagal.
Anonymous said…
Ben, it's good to be bored. Really. As the Chinese curse says, "may you live in interesting times". Ben, may you living in boring times! This Nov is 3.5 years as PD for me. Lord what have I done with myself???

Anonymous said…
Your friend needs to be careful if he is really interested in a job. Is that rust on your shotgun tube? Silicon wipes are an easy fix for when your in the field and want to wipe it down. They have reusable ones at Three Bears.
Anonymous said…
"Your friend needs to be real careful"

What the hell? Is the Alaska Public Defender Agency really that sensitive? Really?

"He said that we need to 'get on top of our shit', that's not the type of language we find appropriate in the bush. Sourdoughs will find that completely inappropriate."

Fuck. First the crybaby complaints about your blog and now this?
Anonymous said…
It's tough to get a job at Alaska PDs these days.

I think the down economy and the agency publicized by an awesome heartfelt blog like this have increased applications.

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