So Tustumena Lake on Labor day. I must admit I was annoyed when I pulled into the parking lot and saw a million boat trailers. I wasn't thinking that it was a long weekend. Moose season. And a stunning day. The water on the entire lake (and we went to the very back) was like glass. In all my time on the lake I have never seen it that uniformly flat. It was amazing. Although the fall colors are not out in full bloom yet in most places, they were stunning near the glacier. Of course, the lake is so big that once we were on it we didn't see many folks. Which is, of course, the reason I like the lake so much. I can't help but feel a tinge of resentment whenever I see someone else there. Perhaps they feel the same about me. Hopefully this is not the last trip of the year. Monica, of the famous Cape Monica, is supposed to come down for a trip next weekend. I hope this weather holds. It rained most of the summer and now, in late August and September we are getting t-shirt weather (yeah, yeah I know I look like a milk bottle I am so pale...hence the effort to get some vitamin D while I can). So we'll see. But, other than a minor hiccup with the boat at the beginning, the trip was flawless. I cooked moose t-bones and we looked at the glacier and the fall colors. Pretty darned cool to get out. I must admit the last few weeks have been quiet for me...the office is just not the same for me. Let's just hope that next years interns are cool......

P.S. for those you who have seen it, the formerly bullet riddled, paint peeling big T has been re-painted!


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