So. My garden. It sucks ass for the most part. In July we had 23 days of rain. 23! One of the rainiest summers ever. Slugs are everywhere, despite my best efforts. Most things are not growing right or are just rotting right in the ground. A lot of the plants have turned to mush. Thank god I don't have to depend on it to feed my family. Even the tomatoes in the greenhouse are all flowers and no fruit. It is just too darned cold. And it is mid August! There are few positives. As always, despite doubling the size of my plot, I didn't plant enought potatoes which seem to be doing well.
Carrots are doing well. Leeks, beets, kale and parsnips too. I did pick enough for a nice vegetable soup tonight. Not much return for all the money and labor. Everything else seems to be bolting or eaten by slugs or is just rotting. Of course, in this house, there is still food production going on. Even the crappy garden leads to food. The hogs are doing well and eat the waste. Turkeys and rabbits are growing. Why write about all this? Well three reasons. First, to document life in Kenai Alaska in summer 2010. Second, to keep notes for myself for my garden next year. More of some things. Less of others. Third, to distract myself from the fact that my client in my murder trial is getting sentenced tomorrow. I wish I could talk about that. To tell the world about what is going on in this case. But I can't. So instead I will pretend like rotting onions and slugs are what is really on my mind. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. An innocent man is going to get life in prison. But. Face forward. March.


Anonymous said…
I'll trade fresh tomatoes for sockeye fillets. I have watermelons too. All from a home garden. I need to fire up the Big Chief smoker.
Nice lookin' hogs.
Anonymous said…
Jeeze, that is so sad. How can you sleep when an inocent man is rotting in jail?
Dan said…
27 straight days of rain here in Anchorage. I can't believe I'm going to Seattle for the weekend to ESCAPE the rain.
I would not be surprised if the winter came early and was a hard one. At this point I would almost welcome colder weather if it would stop raining. I read that Anchorage has not had a cloud free day since April! I can't imagine it is much better here. It just rains and rains and rains. Have fun in Seattle would be nice to get Outside I think.
Anonymous said…
good thing your family doesn't depend on your attention to detail. subsistence living is more than a hobby to some.
I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean? I am being criticized because I don't live ENTIRELY off the land. Let's see. Roadkill moose. Fishing. Raising my own chickens, turkeys, rabbits and pigs. A garden. Greenhouse. Heating entirely with wood. Making my own beer, wine and bread. My attention to detail? I can see enough detail to know that, as usual, you are world class asshole. Or maybe that is just obvious.
K: that might work. Give me a call.
Dan said…
Seattle was nice and between 85 and 90. Gasworks Park must be the weirdest public park in the world.

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