So, I haven't written in a while. No excuse. It has rained since June and for the last few days it has been clear and blue and in the 60's. The rain is coming back Sunday so I have been outside doing everything from sleeping to painting to getting firewood. Already, the weather is changing. It is nice at day but the chill is in the air when the sun drops. A few trees have started to turn yellow. Today was the first day of (gun) moose season and it really the start of fall. It is a big time in this part of Alaska. A lot of folks were off today to chase the spikes and (maybe) bigger bulls around. Me? Nah. I don't think so. Still some road kill left. We will be ready for the winter without a bull. Well, ready in the material sense. I'm not sure about emotionally. To be honest, I am already looking forward to the first snow. I know, I know. But I am also keenly aware of how I will feel in March. That part of life in Alaska has worn thin. But we are ready. I will post about the wood, and full freezers and carboys of beer and all the things that we have been doing in preparation for 7 months of cold and dark. Not much else is new. J is doing well and the new baby is getting big. I have been working hard for Mr. Eacker and we'll see about it. It is slow for me now. I knew this time was coming so I am ok but it strange, for example, to have the boat and have no-one to go out with. A 'quiet' time in my life is coming.


Anonymous said…
You still have Bill! And Andy!
Anonymous said…
My husband's stepsister just moved to Juneau about 2 weeks ago and works as a security guard at the airport. Have you made it to juneau yet? I just completed my third year as a PD in May-i'm thinking that being a PD is my calling, as unfortunate as that may be.

Ah hell being a PD is a good life. Frustrating too. But what else do you do? What other law job makes such a difference? And I do stuff with Bill. All the time when he isn't running 15 miles a day. Or complaining about the cold. Or how he wants to go home.

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