So, I am busy sealing a shed against the squirrels when a neighbor shouts my name. Turns out he took some folks halibut fishing and they caught two: a 60 pounder and a 180 pounder. After berating them for taking a big breeding female, I saw that the fish just weren't being dealt with. The two guys didn't know how to deal with a halibut! Well crap. Probably 100 lbs of filets were sitting in the sun. So I did it. And more importantly perhaps, I showed them how to do it. It made me feel proud. I have been in Alaska almost 4 years now and I was the guy who was showing folks how to deal with halibut. I showed them how to filet them. How to skin them and put them in the freezer. I got a few lbs of fish out of it but the next time these guys get some halibut, they will be able to deal with them. That's what matters.


Justin T. said…
I'm surprised you know what to do with a halibut. Because, you know..
Paigie said…
"Well crap." ha ha ha ha ha...oh crap, oh crap, ha ha ha
Boy, I can filet a halibut in minutes.
Anonymous said…
did u teech them how to be a left wing liberal alian to?
Ouch! Zing. Wow. Sir, you should thank God for "liberals". For example, those of us who believe in education. You could use some. Thank God my girls are Canadian too! That way they can always escape when morons like you take total control of this country. Sigh.

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