So, goodbyes are a part of life. Next week the interns leave and so does Jesse. It will get much, much quieter around here. To celebrate a
great summer, I threw a little party. Did the usual thing. Fire. '80's music. The usual. I must admit that I was concerned when three women showed up last May. I thought it was going to be a quiet summer too. Turns out I was wrong. The interns this year were just great. All of them turned out some excellent legal work and we all had a lot of fun. I can't think of much good to say about them leaving except now that I won't have anyone to do anything with, I can stop spending some of the money I don't have. But doing things with them and feeding them and all of the rest of it made for a great summer. I sincerely hope that the Kenai Public Defender Agency interns had the best time out of any in the State. Good work ladies. 101%. You know what it means. I will try hard and stay focused and not feel sad. Winter is coming....I saw my first yellow leaves of the season today. Good luck to you all.


J said…
Sure will be sad to see "the jesse" go, he has been a friend to the whole family.
Not having any family and its always been tough for me here, it is a life line for me when the good peeps come by.
K always asks when Bill or jesse and toon will stop by for a visit.
She goes through the list of who is leaving but for the girls it will have little impact until its time to say bye and then K gets so upset, its heartbreaking.
I won't have the need to be sad or the time as we will be getting ready for the new baby and all the joy she/he will bring over the long dark winter.
We did have a good crop of interns this year. I am sad to see them go too. Have a safe trip home ladies and good luck with your final year of law school!

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