So, the weather this summer is starting to become annoying. I took the Interns halibut fishing yesterday. For once it did not rain (although it is making up for it today by just pouring) but the wind kicked up and the water got rough. In fact, it was the first time I almost lost anyone. We were dealing with fish when Intern #1 said "umm, hey guys" and there she was hanging over the side of the boat. I grabbed her PFD strap and pulled her in. The water was crashing over the top of the boat so just as the tide slacked (what we had been waiting for) and we were catching fish it got so rough we had to leave. The marine forecast didn't cover what happened out there. I think this summer we have had only a handful of days where it has not rained. I am already seeing fireweed in my yard. Summer is ending....come on...just some sunshine. I don't think I am going to even get any tomatoes from the greenhouse it has been so cold and rainy. At least the rest of the garden is doing well and the freezer should be full of salmon by the end of the week. I will have to try again for halibut. 7 more months of winter is coming fast and it just rains and rains and rains.


Anonymous said…
"Summer is ending....." and it is only July 19! Hey that's less than 30 after solstice. Hope the first snow waits till December for you.
K in TX
Dan Hull said…
Nicely done site. Nature plus human moxie and a family anyone would be proud of. Sounds like you've taken risks, too. Be in Dillingham in 3 weeks and you're getting me "in the mood".
K in TX. You know how it is. See some fireweed and panic.

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