So, this job is hopeless. But I try. Again and again and again and again and again.


Dan said…
I don't envy your job. I also doubt you envy my job. We all, as you are undoubtedly aware, have our respective roles. Necessary roles, Ben. The inherent frustrations of our jobs, Ben, often bring us both to curse at our staff, coworkers, investigators, loved ones and those on the other side. When this occurs we must remind ourselves that, deep down, we are doing what we have always sought to do - help others. We each do it in our own ways in a manner respecting those who oppose us. With that said, I raise my whisky glass to you, sir.
Every job sucks from time to time . . . some more than others . . . guess that is why we call it "work" and not "play". With that said the Mainah is lifting his glass full of lukewarm Moxie to ya!

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