So, dipnetting. To be honest, I am torn about it. On the one hand there is the crowds. The jackasses who get drunk and ruin the dunes with their 4 wheelers. The people who don't respect the resource or the place where we live. Who take more than they need. Who cheat, despite the fact that there is no need to. Those who let the fish get burned in the freezer just to be fed to the dogs. On the other, there is dipnetting. For me, there is no other way to fill the freezer with salmon. No part is wasted: we eat the filets, the pigs eat the head and guts and the garden eats the spine. There is the side of dipnetting of standing in the Kasilof watching the sun and clouds play on Mt. Redoubt. Listening to the seagulls and people. The silent struggle when a fish hits a net. The cries that go up when a fish gets away. I think we are glad for the fish in a way. There is the side of dipnetting that lets me talk to total strangers as we stand and wait. Watching the success and failure of those around us. Being aware of the tides and the seals and the life around us. It has been very slow this year. 4 trips to the Kasilof have yielded one fish, who I will eat fresh tomorrow. I know this is a bad year for Reds but I hope to get about 30 fish total. The Kenai opens up on Saturday and I just need one good day.

P.S. To those of you that knew him, I am sad to say that David died today. He was the second last of the 4 dogs we brought from California. He survived the bears (I'll never forget him with that brown bear in our yard...cocky little bastard) and being chased by moose and 4 winters. He was a stocky little bastard who was fearless. Absolutely fearless. But he would not stop chasing cars. Even though we live on a cul de sac, there is a lot of traffic (I suspect there is a drug house on the corner based on who I see going up and down my road (ahem! clients)). Anyways he was hit and killed by a car. 4 dogs now. A moose, a porcupine and 2 by car. We will not be getting any more dogs for a while. I refuse to make my dogs live on a chain but it is hard to see them killed. Even though he was not my favorite dog, the kids loved him and he was a good dog. Rest in Peace David. I hope there is all manner of disgusting things for you to lick and eat and roll in where you are.

P.P.S. To those who accused me of being shrill about our new bail statute, I see that a partial TRO was granted against it being enforced. Ahem. Whatever happens, I am not the only one who thinks the new law is bullshit. Is every Legislature everywhere full of morons?


Rest in peace David, you little bastard. He has made it to that big, smelly, days old, gut pile in the sky. I can't imagine visiting without David tonguing my hand right after getting into the fish heads. You outlasted my expectations by almost 4 years. I thought you would be a fat sausage snack for a brown bear by now.
Amy said…
isnt there any other option besides living on a chain? what about being outside on a chain or tether for some periods and then inside? or being walked? you are not living in a rural area where dogs can roam free if there is a cul de sac, drug house, and lots of traffic. very poor animal husbandry, as you well know
Amy. Lots of traffic is relative. And keeping a dog like David inside is not practical. I see your point but this is a dog who wasn't afraid of brown bears.
No, he wasn't afraid of brown bears. He tried to lick a brown bear's anus.
j said…
AHH Dave, you obnoxious, disgusting and amazingly entertaining dog.
We all loved you, even if u did lick us like popsicles at every chance u got, even straight after chowing down on the gut pile.
The fact you could find the most awful things to eat, lick and roll in was pretty comical to us all.
You were a stocky tank like dog but had a very sweet nature and were great with the girls.
Gonna miss u davey boy, u were a link to the good old happy days in CA.
Ken said…
Sorry about David.

I guess your post also indicates that there will be no fresh salmon available for your lower 48 friends :(
Anonymous said…
lol peace out david

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