So, I may be broker than I have ever been. The rash of broken items continues. I haven't even listed all the things that have broken or failed in the last few months. But, what the hell. For a few dollars in fuel I can go to Tustumena. We can get around Caribou Island and back for about 8 gallons. Divided by 4, it is a pretty cheap ride. As you may know, Tustumena lake is one of my favorite places in the world. I got to introduce the Interns to it. It was a beautiful night. On the way home, the water was absolutely calm. Like glass. I cooked halibut and salmon. Taught them to shoot a blackpowder pistol. Showed them the cabin on Caribou Island. We are going to go camping there. I found a field of Hornicorn flowers that Kadee is going to love. It is easy to lose track of time in the Alaskan summer. It is light at midnight. Once again I found myself coming home at about 2 am. Oops. But I was impressed once again with the Interns. The have quickly learned how to launch and retrieve The Defense Rests. The enjoy my camp food. They are eager to learn how to shoot. Beer is absolutely not safe around Cooper and Intern #1. Hell liquor of any sort. But it is all good. I let them do some bail reviews today. They did a good job. But I was mildly amused at how nervous they were. Ah, how I remember those days. Tomorrow I am getting their help killing chickens. I have promised not to let them 'faint'. This is going to be amusing.


josh said…
You are not broke. I am broke, and I'm not even that broke, though I am magnitudes broker than you.

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