So, happy summer Solstice. Well, not really. For now the Earth tilts back towards the cold and dark. I much prefer December 21. But to celebrate, I took my family onto Tustumena lake for the first time. I mean why not 'celebrate' in one of my favorite places? I also took the Interns, and Bill, to Caribou Island, near Cape Monica, and cooked salmon and rabbit. The place is littered with wild chives so I used them too.We made a fire, but not the usual affront to God fire that I usually make (I can't stand seeing a bigger fire than mine!). The girls found a field of thousands of Hornicorn flowers (AKA Blue Lupines) and played in the hornicorns and wild roses. I taught Kadee to find the chives and she delighted in chewing on them like someone in a Western film. We drank cocktails and played cribbage while the girls played in the lake. It's funny: I got the State's brief today in the girls PFD appeal where the State is arguing that my little girls are not Alaskans. Can you believe that crap? We walked down the beach and found eagle feathers and looked at the mountains. The girls drove the boat and everyone laughed. Much later than the girls normally go to bed we made it back to Slackwater. The boat worked great and the only casualty was Bill getting wet. Dumb ass. Total dumb ass. But Slackwater was beautiful as always. And my girls finally got to see it. Hopefully, this was the first time of many. Happy Solstice.


Monica said…
When I met the interns last weekend, I told them my name was Monica. They said, "Wait, Monica? Of Point Monica on Tustumena Lake?" And I said, "Yes, the very same."

I was very proud.

(Also, I'm glad you've changed it to a "Cape" now.)
Anonymous said…
drinking in front of impressionable children, how canadian of you...
Ben, Being a dumb-ass has nothing to do with me getting wet. At least we were on our way home when I got wet. And, it was amusing. I can laugh at myself. And often have to!

Had a great time anyway.

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