So, chicken killing day. I set aside one day every June to fill the freezer with chicken. Cornish Cross are amazing. From egg size to big roasters in 8 weeks. The last three years I have had the interns help. This year was no different. Except these interns had never killed or plucked a chicken. But they did a great job. They all cleaned chickens and 2/3 actually killed one. Think of that the next time you order a chicken sandwich! It wasn't a flawless process but it was pretty darned good. For about 4 hours work, we have all the chicken we need until Spring. Sweet. I like to think I offer the Kenai interns a unique experience. I have been so lucky so far that everyone who has come to Kenai to intern has been a pretty darned cool person. In exchange, I try to offer them things like boat rides, camping, learning to shoot, killing chickens and a host of other things that I hope they remember always. Tomorrow night they will get an amazing roast chicken dinner. Good job girls!

P.S. No one fainted. It was a little difficult at first for them, and there were a few tears, but by the end everyone had a proper sense of humor about it. Let's be honest....killing chickens is a pain in the ass so why not have some fun with it?


Anonymous said…
I used to be an AK Asst PD, too, a long time ago. I think it's great that you are showing the interns a good time in the summer in AK!

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