So, pigs. When times seem hard go back to what you know. I know winter isn't far away. It is amazing for me how much that thought dominates my mind in Alaska. So I found some weaner pigs. My chickens are growing. My garden and potatoes are in. The greenhouse is up. The wood is split and stacked. I will start making booze soon. The boat is almost fixed and we will test her on Thursday night. Even though I haven't been able to shake the April blues yet this year, I feel better looking at these little guys. No matter what happens, this winter I can eat a home grown pork roast. Make a loaf of bread. Cook up some of our potatoes and carrots. Open a bottle of homemade blueberry wine. Enjoy the night. I don't know why I struggle so much to be happy. I can't explain it: for all intents and purposes I have everything I ever wanted. Sometimes I have to fall back on what I know, like raising hogs. Grow pigs, grow.


Mmmmm, bacon! You'd better send me some this winter, bitch! I won't be around to eat every last bit in a gigantic bacon (lettuce, tomato) sandwich!
Anonymous said…
The sun is out, the air has warmed and the leaves are emerging. It promises to be a beautiful day! Have a peaceful weekend!
tiny tim said…
Your daughters are adorable! Was that a posed picture, or just how they look when they see the pigs? How are they going to feel eating these pigs?
It was not posed. It was just the first time seeing pigs in 9 months. They like eating pig. They appear to understand that life is a cycle. Pigs come and pigs go so we can stay. Our job is to be kind and fair to the animal in life and death. That is what I am trying to teach them.
Anonymous said…
the picture wasn't posed, but it WAS photoshopped...I can tell because there are no shadows.
Gloria said…
Good for you. Back to basics. No matter what, your family will eat. You are raising your kids with great values!
No shadows?? I can't tell if you are serious. The photo was taken after 9 pm. IF you are serious, perhaps the light in Alaska is what is confusing you.

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