So, I've been frustrated the last few days. Just everything, it seems, has gone wrong. I fixed the burst pipes in the shop but when I went to turn on the hot water heater, it wouldn't come on. I put my ear next to it to listen and I got an electrical shock! So now that is FUBAR. The gaskets in the taps were all wrecked and I spend a good part of the day (unsucessfully) trying to get them to stop leaking. So when my mechanic called and said the boat was ready, I knew I needed to get out. I decided to take her out to Tustumena and sea test her. We got her out there and she wouldn't start. After some cranking she did but she promptly overheated. So I shut her down. I knew there was air in the system that I needed to get out but I couldn't get her re-started as the batteries were now dead. I couldn't get the kicker started either for a while. Of course I did and then promptly hit a rock with the propeller. Character my buddy called it. We got the boat back on the trailer and found the trailer now had a flat. Of course, I had thought about bringing tools but had forgot them. Sigh. Back to town we go. I guess none of this is a big deal. Just some batteries that need a charge after a winter. The motor sounded good. I am just frustrated because no matter how much time and money I spend winterizing things, 8 months of disuse and cold just takes it toll anyways. I properly drain and store things and they just break anyways. So far April and May have cost me about $3000 more than I brought home. Everytime I try to feel better I discover another problem. I have never felt more frustrated about where I live. At least Slackwater was beautiful to look at as I tried to get the air out the cooling system. Maybe next time?


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
So many things. First, you are a moron. How many times have I told you about the all caps and the spelling errors? Second, I am delighted that you love Kotzebue so much. I am delighted that winters never get to you. But I still don't need your shitty little comments. I warned you. This blog, while open to the world, is private property. Hence, the First Amendment freedom of speech provision is not enforceable. Yes, Canada has long winters. And yes this last winter frustrated me, and continues to frustrate me. Be nice and you can leave comments. Be a shithead and I will remove your comments. It is that simple. My patience is thinner than you can imagine.

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