So, in the spirit of changing the topic, here is a scan of our new baby. I still don't know the sex, but both J and I think it is a girl. This will be a last child for us so we are still hoping for a boy. As long as it is healthy..whatever happens I am resigned to having a house full of women for the next 18 years. J and I are still trying to figure out how to do this: where are we physically going to put her? This house isn't really big enough for a third child and the car may not hold three kids. I guess it will all just work out somehow. J and I spent part of the day yesterday at a new friends house. She is 70 and raised 12 kids. Her stories helped put things in perspective. I can't worry about the little things so will all pass me by in the blink of an eye if I do. So. I will go plant potatoes now. Enjoy some home brew. Fix the boat and fill the freezers with fish. All will be well.


Oh, it's a girl, Jerry.

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