So, I needed a few days to clear my head. I got lucky and a friend asked me to help move his commercial fishing boat from Homer to Seward. The best part? The trip was free. He needed the help and would pay the expenses. Hell yeah. Not only is he is a super cool guy but I love being on the boat. Besides it is a part of Alaska that I had never seen before. Unless you have the right boat, you will never see it. The trip took about 24 hours. We stopped a fished a little and I caught my first halibut of the year. I saw puffins, sea lions, whales (including a new calf) and amazing scenery. Whenever I go out with the guys I am always camp cook. It is just my thing. Just as it was time to cook we hit rough seas. I had never cooked in a galley with everything rocking and rolling. But it was fun. I would laugh everytime the food would go up and down and up. The Captain enjoyed the food. That night we anchored in Chugach Bay and I fell asleep to the hum of the diesel engine and the ocean. Of course the Crown Royal in my belly helped too. Unfortunately we ran out of time. We were going to run up Nuka Bay so I could get my spring bear. Oh well. I've been invited back to do subsistence salmon fishing. Dipnetting looks like it will be closed down in the next 2 years. You heard it hear first folks. There is a case pending in federal court that will shut it down. So I will need to find my 30 reds some other way. Tonight I cooked fresh halibut and yellow eye. Got a little taste of summer. Thank God because "April" won't go away. On Wednesday my well crapped out. Only $386 to fix. Last night the pipes in the butcher shop/brewery finally thawed (yay!) but as they did so, some of them burst. I got Kadee's bill for the emergency room. Only $404. I had to get the snow tires off the cars. Sigh. The last thirty days have cost me about $3000 more than I brought home. At least it is just not me. Everyone in my office is broke. We are scavenging for expired lunches and bumming coffees. Lord please give me one month without this crap. Just one month where nothing breaks. Seriously. 8 months of winter shatters and breaks. Just one month Lord. But at least I got out on the boat.


Justin T. said…
Photoshopped. Everyone knows you've never actually caught a halibut.
I caught that one. Maybe 15 lbs or so. Delicious!
toytrkman said…
Some of the fun you have makes me jealous but you've sure had a run of bad luck to make up for the fun!
j said…
It was great to read about your adventure on the blog.
This one seems better than the most recent one you have been on.
The kids and I also had a ton of fun while you were away,it was really sunny and warm, good day at the park.
Thanks to nanny, we also got a cool new pool in the back yard. It took ages to blow up but the kids a hoot for a few hours before it started to pour with rain.
Nothing to crazy happened, except the cat punctured the pool and the dog dug up all my flowers and still refuses to use the backyard as the toilet.
Who says we don't have adventures as well!
Glad you were able to have a safe boating adventure!
josh said…
I want to do that

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