So, I decided to take the new interns out to sea test the boat. Did it run perfectly? No. A problem with the batteries or the starter. In fact I couldn't get it going at first. We used the kicker to power up the Kasilof into Tustumena lake. It got so shallow that we had to get out of the boat and push it off some sand. It was quite an adventure. But at least the wheels stayed on the trailer this time! I've got some things to check. I'm almost tempted to give up. But I don't know how much I will be able to use it later this summer or next summer. So I will do what needs to be done. Otherwise not much is new. It seems silly to me that I am at this stage in my life and I can't even have one toy without being broke all the time. So I have decided to make some changes to our life. It will take some time but not even a beautiful night on Tustumena could convince me that I can keep going like this. Hope all is well with everyone. This weekend promises to be beautiful weather and I intend to enjoy it.


Justin T. said…
Can those interns do a Sling Blade impersonation? I didn't think so.
Anonymous said…
it's always a refreshing feeling when another public defender abandons alaska...this IS a police state because these colors DONT RUN!!!

kotz kop
Justin: they cannot. Kotz....whatever.
Ben, we had some problems getting going, but we still had fun. And the interns same like they are going to be be good sports. Might have gotten lucky again. it figured out with mechanic yesterday. Will need a hand with new starter...old 'new' one was a factory defect. That is what was causing the problems. This week let's get her going. And I agree...the interns took it all in stride...the failure to start, the being stuck on a sand bar, the bear tracks...all of it.
Anonymous said…
I never understood what "These colors don't run" means. Does it refer to people, who don't run from a challenge? Or just like, when you do laundry, and the colors don't bleed into each other? How does being laundry-safe mean liberty or whatever?
It is just Kotz being his typical asshole self. Like I give a shit what he thinks. If I stay, or if I go, I will do what is best for me and my family. He can choke on his colors.
Justin T. said…
You are asking someone whose colors run through and through. These colors don't run means that you don't back down and you don't take no shit from nobody, bygod.
Anonymous said…
Why would any American be proud of living in a police state?

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