So. Happy birthday to my Kadee. 4 years already! You were so excited about your cake. Your fire outside. I made you moose spaghetti. 4 years already. Kadee, when you are an old woman, with babies of your own, I hope you can look back on this and see how things were. You have grown so much this last year. You are, I think, more like me every day. Stubborn. Prone to fits of drama. You love to talk. You love to help me cook. You continue to amaze me with what you know and what you want to know. I must admit, sometimes it drives me a bit crazy when you ask "why" over and over and over and over. But it makes me smile too. The time may come when you don't want to speak to me at all. "You just don't understand Dad", and all that. And, if the speed of the last 4 years means anything, the next 14 or so will fly by. So I answer your questions over and over and over and over. Remember little girl. I was one of the first people to see you and from the moment I did, I loved you more than you will know until you have babies of your own. I hope so much for you. I want to give you so much. I can only hope that I am half the dad that I want to be. That you deserve. I will do what I can. Happy 4th birthday little girl. You had a good day. And therefore so did I. I love you.


Happy Birthday, Kadee!
Happy birthday, Kadee.
Izaak Schwaiger said…

I randomly stumbled upon your blog. A PD with a .300 Win Mag is alright in my book. If you find the time, drop me a line at izaak(at) I have a question about your work up there.

Take care,

j said…
It is an amazing feeling to be a parent, no one can prepare you for the rush of love and emotion you feel.
The moment I 1st felt you kick to the instant you were born and the Dr handed you to me.
Its been an amzing journey, your a beautiful, clever and head strong little girl.
Which I love to hear you stand your ground and its always entertaining exactly how I was at your age!
I love you so much Kadee, I am blessed to have such wonderful children.
Happy Birthday.

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