So, when it's springtime in Alaska, it is time for chickens. They make me feel better for a lot of reasons: growing my own food, the coming of summer and how much the kids like them. We turn the spare bathroom into a brooder for a few weeks. Kind of gross (especially at the end) but I have been using spare bathrooms for chicks for 10 years or more. There is another reason I like them: I get them in April. And they are one more thing to keep me busy and get me through this month. I am starting my 'summer' a little early this year (for me 'summer' is May 1 through October 1). On friday we are taking the boat over to Tutka Bay to go bear hunting. Well, more accurately, we are going over to look around. Just A look around. And if we happen to see a tasty black bear who happens to think he will taste good ground up with red pepper, well fine. But if not, we have rented the Forest Service cabin and we will camp and fish and drink and explore Tutka Bay and Sadie Cove. So, I admit that blogging about chickens is not that exciting. But it is getting me through April. The other thing I have been doing is re-doing the front room. For those of you who have seen it, the improvements are pretty significant. We have painted, laid laminate flooring and put slate on the stairs and the front door area. I had hoped to do the whole house but with baby #3 on the way, it will have to wait. The room is not done yet but it is coming along. These pictures will only mean something to those of you who know me. I will post pictures of the 'look see' on Sunday. Unless of course Katchemak Bay finally gets me. In that case all to wife...except for what I have promised G.


Meryl said…
Cute little chicks!

I'm curious--do you raise them for meat or eggs? If for eggs, do they live outside in the winters up there?
wildnorganic said…
Ben Please read my last post Thanx
Hey buddy, I don't know why you call that your "spare bathroom". It's a full time incubator. I can't remember when I haven't taken a nasty, meaty, whiskey shit with chicks running around my feet.

The front room looks great. Where's all that firewood gonna go?

I raise them for meat. But the egg birds live in an open chicken house up here. G: no more firewood inside.

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