So, this is why I do this job. Of course, there will be no justice. Cops get 'terminated'. But every day my clients get years and years and years in prison for far less. They beat a man and then lied about it. Of course, the man attacked the cops first. Of course. What are these cops looking at? Perjury? Assault? Attempted murder? Oh no. Police get 'inquiries' and 'paid leave'. My clients get 'pound me in the ass' state prison. Imagine if there had been no video! This man could be looking at charges himself! The police are truly the enemy of the People. And I live in a place swarming with them. Where is your outrage now Prosecutors? There is no justice in America. None. Absolutely none. What a bunch of crap. These cops should be thrown in prison. General population. Then there might be justice.


Thank you, American Police, for protecting us against scum like a skipping and singing college student. You were there at the Haymarket Massacre. You stopped those scumbag WWI bonus marchers with your batons and torches. You were there for us at Kent. And let's not forget Rayburn Zink. You are there to protect us from unreasonable gloating during a freaking basketball game. Good work. It's comforting to me. I sleep well at night knowing that the police have not yet considered me a threat against their order.
toytrkman said…
I agree with you on the police brutality. Same as the Ruby Ridge/Weaver incident that happened in my area 15 or so years ago. The idiot that shot Weavers wife as she was holding the baby gets NOTHING! The idiots that shot the 14 year old boy and his dog in the BACK get NOTHING! Well, enjoy your bear hunt/fishing trip. Bear season starts here tomorrow. Usually hard to find here in the spring but I'll give it a try again. The kids all love hunting so I just do my duty and take them! ;-}
Anonymous said…
Gee prosecutors. The silence is deafening. Where's the "it's just a couple of bad apples" cry? Hello?
Yeah Ruby Ridge was a black eye on this country alright. Same thing. Cops out of control. You ahve to wonder how much cops do this crap and don't get caught. Like the one cop here on the Peninsula that everyone KNOWS is dirty but yet they do nothing.
Anonymous said…
There was a video of cops killing a mentally challenged man.

Four years later....

Zehm grand jury to hear evidence police changed testimony
Feds: Accounts of fatal encounter altered In the ongoing obstruction-of-justice probe by the U.S. attorney’s office and the FBI, indications are that some Spokane police officers, including Assistant Chief Jim Nicks and lead detective Terry Ferguson, now acknowledge that the city’s earlier characterizations of the fatal encounter were wrong and that its investigation clearing officers of wrongdoing was incomplete and inaccurate. Federal documents filed this week in U.S. District Court also suggest Spokane police altered witness statements to appear more favorable to the first responding officers.

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