So, looking on the bright side, it was a beautiful day. So we transplanted seedlings. Broke up ice with a pry bar. Not the best use of time I suppose but it is very satisfying to break ice off the driveway and cart off huge piles to melt in its own time. I can't say I had the most productive weekend ever but at least nothing new (to my knowledge) broke. I am just trying to keep perspective. When the mechanic returns the boat will be fixed. Everyone is healthy. Summer is coming. The house is even getting better. Besides the new flooring and paint that I am doing, I have taken advantage of the state weatherization program. This last week I had $4000 of insulation work done for basically free. Including the inspections, and some work I had done this winter, it might cost me about $500. It should have cost me nothing but I forgot I had work done before and didn't negotiate that into the price of the insulation work. Oh well. The crawl space and attic are now completely re-insulated. I even found a hole in my house that has been blowing in cold air all winter. An actual 12 x 4 hole! It had a grate on it but the insulation behind it moved somehow so it was a hole under the floor that let in god knows how much cold air. It has been fixed. All in all, I am hoping we burn less wood this coming winter. That is the one thing I got done this weekend: J and I split and stacked a winter's worth of wood. Deep breath. All is well.


I don't know what you did, but these pics look downright idyllic.

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