So, I wish I could talk about work. But I won't. It used to be that I said this was the best job I ever had. All I can say is that I am writing this post to myself. To remind myself of the reasons I feel this way. To remind myself of the reasons that changes may need to be made. To give me the strength to take chances. It will be May in a few days but I cannot shake the "April" blues. Learned today the truck needs new tires. I guess I didn't notice that the dealer swapped out new ones for old ones. Have to come up with $800. I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck and even then not making it. It would be tolerable if this was still the best job I ever had. Note to self: remember what is important. Remember who you are.


Ben, Sorry I added to your misery; I didn’t mean to. You are one of my best friends. It is still a great job.
Anonymous said…
I'm the annoying guy who argued with you a while back about national health care. Anyway, I feel you on job blues; I'm in them too. Wish you could provide more details, as it's nice to know I'm not the only one, and to know that what one wants isn't what it's cracked up to be. I think most people end up in that boat.
Anonymous said…
It could be worse. You could be in Anchorage.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I think about leaving the PD Agency. And then I get so incredibly outraged at something, and realize that we, as the biggest criminal defense firm in the state, and one of the best public defense organizations in the country, have the power to actually make a difference. Maybe not for each individual client, or each particular case, but we do move the law forward. We actually do. We preserve issues, come together as a team, and fight for justice in a way that makes Alaska a national leader in privacy protections, liberty, and individual freedom. I firmly believe that's due the quality of the criminal defense bar here, and public counsel in particular.

It's hard to beat that.
I agree of course. 110%. Every job has its ups and downs and since I am a public defender, I can say that sometimes this job is hard.
Anonymous said…
Today I decided to give up fight "T" said if I left he would let hubby stay on land (ours) & will ask "S" to stop torturing our dogs I sent for divorce papers & begged a plane ticket "E" filed restraining order & told me I'll never live outside an institution Isn't that harassment Do I not have 14th amendment rights? I don't want to die in jail Please help me someone I know lawyers read this I'm under 80lbs & hubbys health goin fast due to stress If you saw us 4mos ago I doubt you'd recognize us We are truly victims & need help PS Anyone know how many BS calls it takes to cops B4 its harassment & how to enforce it? Thanx

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