So, I was happy getting my boat together. Break up started in earnest yesterday. One of my favorite things is to shovel all of the snow off it. It takes a day or two to clear but then looks like a boat again. I got a couple of seats too and installed them tonight. Summer is coming. That means friends. Interns. Visitors. The boat, which has been a massive financial hole is finally running right. Knock on wood. I was looking forward to a summer of finally getting the girls out with me...a little fishing, camping, you name it. The weather has been great. I ate a great dinner of salmon. I have half a bottle of whiskey. Life is good.....Oh wait. What is that? have been feeling sick. Oh sure take a test. Don't be silly. We have had all the stomach flu in the last few weeks. Do it if you feel the need. To my future son or daughter: please don't take this wrong. CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!
Just crap. I honestly don't know how to do this. I am sure I will love you as ferociously as my other two. But right now, I just don't see how to make it work. A third kid. One paycheck. I have honestly debated whether or not we could do this. I have seriously considered whether or not the pregnancy should be terminated. But in the end I could not have your blood on my soul. I am not a perfect man but, for the most part, I still think abortion is wrong. My children are my greatest joy. So. I will find a way. We live well. And it comes down to a toy or you, well you win. Rice and moose and heating with wood never hurt anyone. But. Crap. Just crap.


Anonymous said…
the more the merrier! It would be nice for you to have a son!
Gloria said…
It isn't about how much stuff we have. It is about the love we share.

J said…
It is not the best timing but we shall figure it out and make it work.
We had hoped to try for another child but in a year or 2 and now it seems we are adding to the family a lot sooner.
Now I can't help but touch my belly and get excited about my new son or daughter even if it is very early days.
Congratulations! I guess J can't complain about not getting any! But I'm pissed that I had to find out on FB and not from you and J. BTW, where are the pictures of the new floor?
Anonymous said…
Don't you recall the noise level I had with 3 yunguns? You told me then that I was crazy. I am and was crazy. I guess you are too. congratulations. A.Madman

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