So, America. Welcome to the civilized world. Kind of. Really? Anger over health care? Damn those people with pre-existing conditions. Damn the poor. Children. The sick. You people are insane. I am not a religous person. At all. But I have dedicated my life to the poor. The cursed. The ill. I cannot help but think of these words 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25: 31-46. So funny. Republicans (the so called Christians in this country) up in arms because the sick may get help. This country is insane sometimes. You know what? Some prefer a country where getting sick can lead to bankruptcy and poverty. Where insane foreign wars can burn through a treasury but the children and sick can rot in their own misery. What the hell?


toytrkman said…
Wow, I was kind of surprised at this post after the other stuff I've read here. I assume though that since you wrote such a piece, you were expecting some comments. This health care bit isn't about the sick, much as Al Gore doesn't give a darn about supposed global warming. He makes money from it. Our president doesn't give a darn about the sick. He thinks he will make votes from it from all the minorities and aliens. Soon will be immigration "reform". It is all about themselves. Al is a huge contributor of green house gases. Much more than you or I. Obama flys a HELICOPTER to CHICAGO to get a stupid hair cut that you can get with a pair of clippers from Wal Mart! He will not be taking the same health care as you or I, all congressman can opt out of government health care, you or I can't. As most things, lets not judge this "wonderful thing" before its time. I too am a helper of the poor. We patron an orphanage in India named after my daughter. I am a Christian, I preach at church, I am a "religious" man. I DON'T think this health care bit will be so rosey for the poor and the sick. IMHO. ;-}
tiny tim said…
I'm surprised too, since you've struck me as someone who seems to be all about limiting government.

However, toytrkman, Al Gore doesn't care about the environment? Obama is doing this for votes? Don't let your jaded opinions on politics stop yourself from ever supporting any change.

However, no one can say this bill will immediately fix anything. It has kinks to work out, and they will be. But! This is a step towards something.

Ben, your note that some Americans would prefer needless foreign wars to saving their own children was right on point!

How is the political temperature about all this in Alaska right now? Does anyone there share your feelings? Or is this blog your way to vent your frustrations?
Anonymous said…
The Christian directive which the left loves to quote (ignoring the one that says that if a man does not work, neither shall he eat) is not about giving through taxation - giving by force - that's not an expression of charity. Giving at the threat of prison is not charity; you'll get no "credit" from the Lord for that. Moreover, just because people in a society have a need is not a reason that government - or the collective - should meet that need; government isn't the only means. Republicans aren't up in arms because the sick may get help, but rather that the help is directed through government channels, and that is help with a cost to ALL of society. I love how generous liberals love to be...with others' money...and how they like to give away the store to such a degree that soon there'll be no store, and no one will have anything. How much society should do to take care of the less fortunate then will be no issue, because there'll be no more "more fortunates" to take from. Liberalism - and this saccharin sentimentality - as practiced today is the road to poverty and loss of freedom. And if you don't mind...if we're insane, why'd you choose to join the club??
Why I'd join the club? America has many, many good qualities. But 'your' aversion to universal health care has always been odd. It is a matter of priorities. Republicans (and I am not a 'liberal') can hardly claim that universal health care is too expensive when they can spend 8 years in a useless foreign war. It is a matter of priorities. I have a perfectly healthy family AND insurance and yet health bills eat us alive. That is just dumb.
Anonymous said…
Just because something is costly for you - or anybody else - is not an argument for why other people should then be picking up the tab for you, or anyone else. Moreover, since health care is something that is widely desired, were government to take more of a hands-off approach than now - and certainly more than it'll be doing in the future - market mechanisms, i.e., people wanting to fulfill that desire for a profit, will take over. Prices will come down to meet the mean, particularly since everyone needs it. Many of the essential services will be affordable to the average person, out-of-pocket, and those who fall below fall into government assistance. Insurance - just like car insurance - would be necessary only for catastrophic/serious needs. E.g., no one puts an oil change on insurance, but they do for a front-end collision. Also, the Iraq war will/always was planned to, end, and falls within the budget congress allocates; an entitlement program will never end, and its costs increase as demand increases; this will be much, much, much more expensive than the war. Lastly, there are costs to government taking care of peoples' needs that are greater than just $, that is, freedom, and vitality; there's a cost to a people psychologically when the government swaddles them in comfort and security. They become weak and child-like. (I will add, though, that the left ignores the economic cost of this - it will bankrupt this nation, and we will not, will not, be very powerful as a result. Our military will shrink, our population will shrink, and we'll decay...and all to feed that egotist Obama's vision of his own grandeur. Sad.) I enjoy your blog.
Anonymous said…
hahaha. This is one time that I totally agree with you. I feel it only fair to post as a result. Talking points and vitriol are killing the nation. People don't realize that we spend more on defense (even before the war) than any other nation in the world. More than twice what China was spending. Yet we are the only modern nation with healthplans that didn't really take care of anyone.

This plan that is so evil is remarkably similar to the one proposed by republicans in opposition to Clinton's in 93-94. This is Dole's plan. This is tweaked from Mitt Romney's plans and now he denounces it! Parts of this plan were even put forth by Nixon!! Now all conservatives think it's the end of world???

I'm pretty conservative (an Alaskan prosecutor) but in this state I look like a communist! I'm just so tired of people parroting points at me that are not based on anything. Like if Glenn Beck writes it on his chalkboard it MUST be true. Puh- lease.
Gloria said…
Ben, your Biblical quote was what moved my grandmother, during the depths of the Depression, to never turn away a hungry person who would come begging to her door for food. If she had a little extra (and she usually did), she would share. She taught that it was immoral to let someone starve if you have food.

I'm not liberal on some issues. But I too have spent a big part of my career helping the poor, helping children, helping the homeless. I went into law to help people.

I view this legislation as a significant step toward a more decent, civilized society.
Anon #1 (after my last comment), it is clear that you have thought about it. You articulate yourself well and I appreciate it. But I still don't see it. What you call 'left' is me being Canadian (which could be left I suppose). I have no problem with war when necessary. I just want to see consistency. Sure the Iraq war will end. But it was unneccesary in the first place. I want to see the 'right' be consistent. That is all. I will be glad if people won't lose everything they have just because they get sick.
shu said…
Here's one thing I don't understand about the legislation:

As I understand it one cannot be turned away for pre-existing conditions and yet the penalty for not purchasing insurance is less than a month's coverage.

That sounds like a recipe for financial disaster when thinking people figure out they can go without insurance, pay a small fine each year, pocket the difference, then join up later if they get sick.
tiny tim said…
Even though I've already posted once on this thread, I've been so bothered by some of the comments that I have to post again:

As a Christian, I've thought about it, and you all are right: Christ did not tell us to give through our taxes. That's probably because he lived in a time where taxes didn't go towards the public good, but lined the pockets of the superior leaders. He also lived in a time where families and communities took care of their own! If the church today were to step up and take care of health care the government could sit back.
It is absolutely unacceptable for families to lose their homes or go bankrupt because of a health care crisis, in a country that can afford to take care of its own!
Finally, by saying "when a man does not work, neither shall he eat," you all are missing the point. People who work full-time still can't afford health care! One major medical crisis can ruin an entire family, even one where both parents work. Small business owners can't afford to take out good health care policies on all their employees, the government needs to do something.
Where do we draw the line if we don't want the government to pay for health care? Should it also not pay for elementary, or even high schools? Or do people even deserve public defenders if they can't afford lawyers?
Once again, I think we can all agree this current bill has flaws, but it is a step. A step America has refused to take before, and now we're walking into the light.
Anonymous said…
Tiny Tim: Christ wouldn't have directed anyone to give through taxes, in the sense that people don't "give" through taxes; rather, people are compelled under threat of prison to pay them. Paying them does not equate to charity; Christ directed his followers to do works of charity. Secondly, this "country" can't afford to take care of all its citizens needs; people have to take care of themselves, that's how the country was intended to operate anyway - land of the free and all that. Moreover, the country is $12 trillion in debt. There ain't no more money. And I put "country" in quotes because the "country" can't take care of anyone; Social Security, Medicare/caid, etc., are just government mechanisms to forcibly take money from one group of citizens to give to another. The "country" doesn't take care of anyone; one group of people are working until June of every year to take care of strangers; the rest of the year for themselves, their families, churches. Bottom line is, this country can't keep taking from this one group (after all, 50% of people pay NO income taxes here; most are paid by perhaps 2% of the pop.) to pay for so many others. And the more the country tries, the more it will kill the goose...Wealth producers will simply stop producing or go to another country with a more hospitable climate for wealth accumulation. Then, the country will be rid of these "rapacious" wealthy, but it'll also be rid of that group that pays for everyone else. This is what these plans, like Obamacare, is setting up.
wildnorganic said…
Jesus said "give Ceasar what's his" so I think he was in2 taxes Socialized medicine is a good thing but if you've read any of Obamas healthcare plan you should be very afraid Ben please call me on As fone ST has the # & read my blog...wildnorganic

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