So, my opening is done. I worked on it for 3 months. I counted my edits: I wrote it and re-wrote it and re-wrote it 80 times. 80. I practiced. I had it filmed. I gave it over and over. And I think it paid off. I think it was one of the best openings I have ever given. It was exhausting. Literally 3 months of life burned by in about an hour. I worked on that damn thing every night. Every weekend. Every holiday. And now it is done. The jury is out until Monday when the State starts presenting evidence. I'm not sure what I would do if I lose this trial. I can't talk about it.....but I feel strongly about his innocence. Time to relax. I have never worked that hard on any one document in my life. Rack 'em!

Here is article on it from the Peninsula Clarion


josh said…
It's all in the opening amigo. Good luck, I'm looking forward to a briefing
It's all in the whatever you're good at. In Ben's case, it is cross examination. I never saw a better cross than with Dr. Ketterer. He is going to eat these people alive.
Thanks G. I wish you could see the cross I am about to do on two witnesses in this case. I got my opening on CD..I'll send you a copy. I made myself laugh a few'll see why. It is along the lines of "and that is why I don't drink like that anymore".
Gloria said…
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Gloria said…
Great summary in the local paper.

Good luck.
josh said…
Yeah, whatever you're good at . . . everybody wins.
Ah, echoes of Rayburn Zink. I'm knockin' on wood that this case isn't the grievous miscarriage of justice that Mr. Zink's case was. Luckily, in this case, you have an Alaskan jury rather than the Placer County yokels.
Anonymous said…
RIP Ray Zink.
ZINK, Rayburn
Born to Margaret & Jay Zink on Nov. 23, 1925 in Wessington Springs, South Dakota. He died Dec. 9, 2009 of a sudden heart attack at his home in Roseville. He had such a wonderful full life and was loved & respected by so many. He honorably served his country & the people of the State of California for many years of his life. At age 17 he joined the US Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid with the Naval 18th Air Group and fought in Layte Gulf & Guadalcanal. In 1956 he joined the CA Highway Patrol & served the people of the State of California honorably for 27 years. He is survived by his wife of 18 years, Pris; four wonderful daughters, Kathleen, Paula, Peggy & Karyl. He also had 3 grandchildren & 4 great-grandchildren. He was a sweet, kind & generous person and will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him. A memorial service is being planned at Carmichael Elks Lodge where he was a member and officer for many years
Zink died? Ouch. That is sad news indeed. But if it weren't for Rayburn Zink I would not be in Alaska. RIP my friend. I enjoyed our lunches together while you told me war stories and I chafed at the injustice being forced on you. He was a good man. When I lost his case I was so disheartened that I came to Alaska. If I lose Eacker, there is no where to run.
Anonymous said…
Ray was all of those things. He was also, according to the "good" people of Roseville, CA, a despicable scumbag who put LIVES at risk by drinking a few beers with his fellow veterans on VETERAN'S day and choosing to take someone's offer to drive him home. Yeah, in the twilight of his life he deserved to be thrown against a car and then down to the gravel by a couple of overweight cops causing his face to bleed.

Fuck you Roseville.

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