So, jury selection. Obviously I am not going to talk details. It is my favorite part of a case I think. It is when I get to talk to the jurors and not have them sit in silence. I went to the National Criminal Defense College in Macon Georgia and I have been a million times better at it since then. I always start voir dire with the same question: I know being here may not be fun. I know talking about your personal lives is not fun. Speaking in public is hard for many people. What I would like to do is tell you something about myself and see if that leads to a conversation about this process. That is, I love being a criminal defense lawyer. But the hardest part of my job is when people who aren't lawyers, ask me " how do you do it? How do you represent these guilty people"? I want you to imagine you are a criminal defense lawyer and you are at a cocktail party. Someone asks you this question. How do you think you would respond? I find this question really opens the door to a discussion about the presumption of innocence, the importance of counsel, the right to remain silent and other such topics. I am really enjoying this trial so far. I am working with amazing staff and co-counsel. Besides it is a cold case murder. Anywhere else in the US, there would be cameras in the court room. I mean it is just fascinating. Jury selection continues tomorrow. Rack 'em!

P.S. I have been listening to Miranda Lambert's new single 'White Liar' a lot. I love those lines. "Hey White liar. The truth comes out a little at a time. And it spreads just like a fire. Slips off your tongue like turpentine." Beautiful. Great trial music.


Justin T. said…
Mark Bennett, a criminal defense lawyer/blogger out of Houston whose blog you should be reading if you don't already, had a great post about The Question recently. It's available at
Matt said…
Being picked for jury duty gives me the chills...Hate to even think about my day(s) being overwhelmed.
Go get 'em Ben, keep us posted.

Marc & Shana.

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