So, I haven't blogged in a while. My murder trial is progressing. Slowly. The State thought he might be done today or so. But no. Witness coordination in a trial this size requires the attention of 5 people. A delay of a day or two means massive re-shuffling. Thankfully I am not too involved in that. Instead I am focusing on my cross. Today I got to cross the chief DNA analyst for the State. Tomorrow, there will be cross of more DNA folks. I expect the State's case will take another week or more. Obviously, I am not going to talk about the case. Even things that happen in Court. But here is another article. I will update when I can.


Nice. "covered with blood". Except for the clothes. And that's why we can totally rely on the 8 year old witness, particularly years and years and years after the "incident".
Anonymous said…
Someone should have told him to shower and shave before the cops showed up. The picture is what it is.

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